Visitor Management

With TimeTec Building’s i-Vizit Receptionist Panel

TimeTec Building offers the Best Visitor Management System with i-Vizit App, it takes less than 30 seconds to register a visitor.

TimeTec Building's i-Vizit Visitor Management System being simple-to-use, user friendly and effective in managing visitors, with its Receptionist Panel.

i-Vizit Receptionist Panel Components

i-Vizit App

Guard House Panel

TimeTec OCR

TimeTec App Lock

Why TimeTec Building i-Vizit App is simply the best?

30-second Maximum To Register A Visitor
TimeTec Building i-Vizit Visitor Management System is easy to use and very efficient in registering visitors. According to our existing clients, it takes only 30-second maximum to register a visitor. It takes only 3 steps to complete a single visitor registration: (1) Enter Car Plate No. (2) Call tenant for approval (3) fill up visitor's information. Besides that, the registration process for a regular visitor will be faster. If the visitor has visited the building before, then his information will be automatically filled up based on the last visit.

Replace Physical Intercom System
TimeTec Building Visitor Management System comes with In-App Intercom System which would definitely replace the physical Intercom System. It uses a GSM for phone call. Hence,no cabling or heavy construction needed at all.
Advantages of TimeTec Building i-Vizit In-App Intercom System?
GSM call, high quality call so no miscommunication between receptionists/security guards and tenants. Most importantly, most of the telco companies are offering FREE calls.
Tenants' Phone Number is protected. With the aid of TimeTec App Lock, tenant’s phone number will not be displayed on the caller page.
House owner can set up to five (5) phone numbers for the security guards to call when there is a visitor. Hence, security guards can always reach out to the residents, no matter where they are.
No installation and maintenance cost at all.

When a visitor is checked in or out of the building, the respective tenant will be receiving a notification on TimeTec Building i-Vizit App in their smartphone. This feature provides another security layer whereby it prevents strangers from entering the premises by just sampling giving a phone number. If the tenant does not know the visitor, he or she may call the receptionist for verification.

Analyzed Report
Visitor report is very important. The whole objective of deploying a visitor management system in a building is to records visitor information. In case of house break-in, it is always possible for the system to trace the visitor records.

Blacklist Menace
TimeTec Building i-Vizit Visitor Management System helps to filter visitors and prevent blacklisted visitors from entering the building. Before a visitor is being checked-in, system will check on visitor’s Name, ID No. and Vehicle No.. If any of these information has been marked as blacklisted, the visitor will not be allowed to check-in to the premises. On top of that, the receptionist/security guard will be prompted that the visitor has been blacklisted by the management.

Cater for Multiple Receptionist with latest visitor records synchronized in all guardhouses
If your housing project has multiple reception counters, then TimeTec Building i-Vizit Visitor Management System is the best solution. All you need to do is placing TimeTec Building Receptionist Panel at each of the reception counter or security checkpoints. All Receptionist Panels are synchronised with each other. In other words, a visitor can come in to the building via Receptionist A, and he is free to exit the premises via any exits. All receptionist counters or security checkpoints will be able to retrieve visitors in-out records.

Training Session Provided by TimeTec Building Team
One (1) training session will be provided to the receptionists/security guards in each of new project.

Tenants Send QR Code to Visitors to Speed Up Registration Process
There are three (3) ways of registration methods in TimeTec Building, namely Walk-In Registration, Invitation and Pre-Registration.

QR Scanning for Pre Registered Visitors

Scan the QR code via the tablet and verify the identity of the visitor in split seconds upon arrival.

Embedded OCR Module for Walk-in Visitors

The OCR module speeds up walk-in visitor registration by extracting relevant and important information from the identification provided i.e ID card/driving license.
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DIY Tablet Stand

The tablet panel comes with a DIY table stand that can be mounted on a table and a phone receiver for better guardhouse operation.

Panic Button Alert

When tenants activate a Panic Button via TimeTec Tenant app or i-TimeTec Smart Alarm, the buzzing alarm will go off at the tablet panel to alert guards on duty.

In App Intercom

Guards can contact residents and vice versa through the In App Intercom i-Vizit App Visitor Management Module. Contact numbers of residents will remain concealed and protected for security and privacy purposes.

Visitor Listing & Monitoring

Guards are able to monitor daily visitor movements when all information is accessible in real time

Secured by Samsung Knox

Don't worry about guards accessing other Apps during duty time because Samsung Knox only allows access to i-Vizit App Security Module.

Privacy Policy & PDPA Compliant

Secure your privacy without revealing your contact number to the security guards.


The i-Vizit App Security Module is available in various languages and guards can choose to use their native language for better operation i.e. Nepalese, Malay, Chinese, Indonesia, Spanish, Arabic and etc.