Major Feature

Asset/Facility/Property Management

Trackable Downtime
Tracking the downtime for any facilities from failure to function, till the problem is fixed, to compare the KPI set by the management for efficiency check.
Printable reports for asset/property/facility uptime and work order history.
Track Asset Usage
Health condition of assets & facilities over time by having technicians to update readings to work orders regularly (PSI, mileage, etc)
Set Up Workflows
Set up asset management workflows so when approving or creating a work order it’s automatically forwarded to the pre-assigned technician.
Track costs
Easily view a complete life cycle, costs of repair, and time spent on repairs for each asset or facility.

Parts & Inventory Management

Barcodes/QR Code
Create a unique barcode/QR code for any part & inventory in one click. Details can be obtained with scanning the barcode/QR code with a mobile device.
Minimum stock
Set a minimum quantity of every part, get notified if quantity below the level.
Auto sync part quantity
Auto sync part quantity if a part is being used for work order.
Stock Replenishment
Generate purchase orders in PDF, when approved, auto-send to designated vendor

Work Requests

From user App
Allow tenants or residents within the community (ecosystem) to report and raise request through its respective mobile App (TimeTec Tenant/i-Neighbour App/white label App) if the facility in the common area is found malfunction. They also can login to respective web portal to raise work request.
From maintenance team
Allow technicians, operators, janitors, and anyone else with the work order App to submit work requests.
Manage work requests
Easily view pending work requests and edit work request details by admin before approving and creating a work order.

Work orders

Prioritize and assign work orders
Easily view work order from listing or calendar format, filtering by assigned technicians, asset, location, and priority level.
Reduce equipment downtime
Pre-planning scheduled work orders for regular service and preventive maintenance to ensure equipment to run smoothly and effectively reducing cost.
Track time and costs
Easily track cost and time spent for each work order. Our data analytics provide comprehensive insight reports to efficiently lower your maintenance cost.

Preventive Maintenance

Calendar-based maintenance
Periodic maintenance based on days, weeks, or months passed, Rescheduling can be set based on the completion date or a strict time interval.
Runtime-based Maintenance
Use the meter tracking feature to create parameters based on equipment or machine cycle, vehicle mileage, or any other unit of measurements that trigger the preventive maintenance work order.
Add checklists to Preventive Maintenance
Create customized checklists for routine inspections, walkthroughs, safety checks, and standard maintenance procedures; apply the checklists to any recurring work order.
Comprehensive Reports
Comprehensive viewable and printable preventive maintenance reports based on assigned technician, team, asset, or location.

Maintenance Check lists

Customizable checklists
Customize series of work tasks to complete a work order to be easily followed and checked by technicians. Technicians can notify team members when an inspection item is flagged.
Maintenance audit
Allow technician to attach document on checklist items, and view a history of responses such as meter readings, temperature, remark etc on the checklist items for better maintenance audit and reference.
Ad-hoc checklists
Allow to create one-time or ad-hoc checklists for reactive work orders.
Safety inspections
Simplify audits and safety inspections with repeating work orders that contain checklists.

Workflow Automation

Automated work orders
Allow to create unlimited automated work orders. Instead of manually assigning work orders to technicians, you can automate events to trigger work orders that are assigned to the right technicians based on their skillset, specific equipment, location and more.
Triggering work orders
Automatically trigger a valid work order when a technician “flagged” on an item on the inspection checklist.
Automate purchase orders & work requests
Besides work orders, you may also skip procurement wait time by automating purchase orders workflow process on certain emergency part or equipment.