Recruitment System

Hire Great Talents To Build Greater Teams Together

1. Customised Job Posting
2. Simplify & Streamline Application Process
3. Effective Talent Management & Reporting
1. Customised Job Posting
Recruitment Requisition Approval
Management Approval of the vacancy requested by Recruiter or Hiring Manager.
Schedule to Auto-Publish Job Post
Publish your job post automatically on your preferred date.
Customize Hiring Workflow
Flexible hiring workflow from screening process, sending questionnaire, candidates interview, to hiring and onboarding.
Appointment of Hiring Teams
Assign hiring personnel for each job position as coordinator who is involved in certain hiring stage.
Customize Questionnaire & Application Form
Create different application forms and questionnaires for each job position.
2. Simplify & Streamline Application Process
Interview Scheduler
Schedule interview with candidates in TimeTec Hire. Reminders will be sent out prior to the interview session.
Share Job Posting in multiple platforms
Generate links once a job is created. You can share the link on job platforms, social media or in your company career page.
Drop Resume
Candidates can choose to drop their resumes to the company should there be no suitable positions for them.
3. Effective Talent Management & Reporting
Automated Screening Process
Applicants qualification and credentials will be screened and matched against the requirements.
Interview Scorecards
Evaluate candidates performance during interviews by using scorecards. You can customise each job position's scorecards.
Candidates Profile and Status
Hiring Manager can move candidates into different stages eg: Questionnaire, Interview, etc. Status of the candidates can be displayed in real time.
Remuneration Package
Configure salary package including customised allowances for candidates. Candidates will receive via email with options to accept, negotiate or reject.
Support & System Security
24/7 Support
We have your back, you could find us anytime around the clock for an assistant.
20 languages available
We have hired humans to translate our system to the most common language on earth.
Security & Privacy
Your data remain yours. We are PDPA & GDPR compliances and certified with ISO 27001.

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