TimeTec Claim
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Workforce Claim System
Claim Process Made Easy

1. Set Various Claims
2. Simplify & Streamline Claim Processes
3. Effective Claim Management & Reporting
1. Set Various Claims
Automate 8 Claim Types and More
Offer eight claim types, i.e. mileage, meal, utility, accommodation, daily allowances, car rental, airfare and advance payment.
Fix Different Rates for Different Claims for Different Employee
Define rates for different employees’ claims for claim calculation automation.
Set Claim Rules and Controls
Define different groups claim rules and controls to ease claim processes.
Set Multiple & Different Approval Rules
One company can set various approval claim rules.
2. Simplify & Streamline Application Process
Applications and Approvals via App
Claim applications and approvals can be easily made using the App on a smartphone.
Reduce Paperwork, Saves Cost and Time
Digitalization of claims eliminates the need for paperwork, saves labour cost and time.
Promotes Transparency in Claim Process
Every staff can view their claims, increases engagement.
Simplify & Streamline Application Process
3. Effective Claim Management & Reporting
Convert Claims to Billable Items for Clients
Export employee claims to become billable items to clients. E.g. A service of an engineer to a site can include billable items for a client.
Readily Available Reports
Furnish Claim Application Report, Claim Type Report and Client Billable Report
Professional Claim Analysis
Provides claim analysis of all claims and each employee’s claims trend for monitoring

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