Time Attendance

Track Your Employees Time Attendance Anytime, Anywhere.

1. Simple Tracking for All Employees, All Locations.
2. Roster, Policy & Setting
3. Reportings, Payroll Calculation & Backend Support
1. Simple Tracking for All Employees, All Locations.
Real-Time Data
All data are live, no matter where you are.
Easy Clock-In/Out
Employees clock-in/out & real-time automatic updates.
On-the-Go Tracking
Track employees, in-office or at remote sites.
Geofence Location
Set the permissible radius for your employees to clock-in/out.
Multi Location
Consolidate data from multiple locations, outlets, branches automatically.
Variety Clocking Methods
Clock-in with smartphone, face or fingerprint. Your choice.
Distance Calculator
Calculate your employee's traveled distance accurately using GPS (for mileage claim purpose).
Tardiness Alert
Notification on employee’s late in or early out activities on TimeTec TA app.
2. Roster, Policy & Setting
Work Schedule & Roster
Easy customisation of work schedules & rosters for all employees.
Overnight Shift Scheduling
Manage overnight shift employees on the same day & shift.
OT Application & Approval
Manage and review OT requests at your fingertip.
Simple Dashboard & Performance
Overview of your company’s performance, tardiness and OT request.
Comprehensive Scheduling and Roster
3. Reportings, Payroll Calculation & Backend Support
41 Advanced & Real-Time Reporting
Generates what matters to you in real-time.
Eliminate Calculation Error
Automated payroll calculation eliminates errors, eradicates miscalculation and ensures correct payments to staff all the time.
Payroll Integration
Integrated with multiple payroll systems or exports in Excel xls. or csv. files.
24/7 Support
We have your back, you could find us anytime around the clock for an assistant.
20 languages available
We have hired humans to translate our system to the most common language on earth.
Security & Privacy
Your data remain yours. We are PDPA & GDPR compliances and certified with ISO 27001.
Improve Time Attendance with IoT Hardware
Smart AC1
Smart AC1
Face ID 4
Face ID 4

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